Five Pain Free Miles, But Feeling The Effects

Last night was the first Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Group Run at their Lawrenceville store.  It was a great kickoff event with over 50 people of all levels showing up to enjoy the company and run.  It was great to see many friends that I haven't seen since the last group run of last season, and especially fun to run with them.

We ran the same 2.5 mile loop that we ran last year and made it around two times for five miles.  We ran it at an easy pace and I was happy to feel no pain the entire time in my thigh.  This run was very encouraging considering the Publix Georgia Half Marathon is this Sunday and I was still a little nervous about my thigh even after the last two good runs.

I am not sure what I am feeling the effects of, but my breathing seemed to be a bit labored throughout even though we were running a very easy 9:27 pace.  I am sure it partially had to do with the heavy Chick-fil-a I had for lunch, but I am wondering how much fitness I have lost with the extremely cut back schedule I have been running lately to let my thigh recover.

How soon do you feel that you lose fitness when taking time off, or cut back training to recover?

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  1. I think it's mental right now. Go out there and run your race.

  2. Yeah, I get that same feeling but I find even if it takes me a little longer to warm up, I find my groove pretty quickly!

  3. Someone was just talking about the Fleet Feet run over the weekend. That is a great turnout!

  4. I get that feeling when I have not run in a few days but I also find that I am quickly able to get back into my rhythm once I am warmed up.

  5. Thanks everyone! Yea, I think part of it is just mental right now, but also probably some poor food choice issues as well.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I think the latest I saw was that it was over 60 - it was great!