2 On The Mill

Well, after a weeks hiatus I am slowly getting back into this. I got up at 4:30 this morning instead of 4:05 but I felt good and felt like I got a good nights sleep. I still am working a lot and will be for the next week or two. Things are going good with the project though so my spirits are up.

I wanted to go for a run today when I went to bed last night, but it was going to be really cold and really windy and so was not very appealing to kick it back off on a morning like today. I then opted to get up and get to the gym and do some weights since I have taken the week off with that as well.

I had a good weight lifting session and felt full of energy, which was nice. I did want to run though so I cut my weight training a little short and headed over to the Dreadmill. I put in a couple miles, and for the Dreadmill they were good miles too, at a 9:18 pace. I felt strong and felt like I could keep going, I was just out of time..... plus - talk about boring! I don't know how you guys (Jim!) do 7 miles! I guess if I had a TV I could, but without that it is just too boring!

This was an important run to me. Even though it has only been 1 week, I still always wonder - is it going to be too hard - am I going to get discouraged - I can't run this far - how in the heck did I ever run a Half Marathon! But, as was proven today, I can take a week off and it won't hurt me, in fact in this case I think it did me a world of good and kept me from getting sick. Our bodies need rest and recovery time - note to self - Our bodies need rest and recovery time - have I ever said this before? - Our bodies need rest and recovery time!

Till next time - See you on the road!