Lack of Energy

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No, I am not making the statement because I am confused why, I am making the statement just because I am tired. I have a terrible lack of energy.

This morning I was at the gym and just couldn't seem to get much done. I started to lift my normal routine and just couldn't seem to get through it. I finally gave up and went and walked on the treadmill to try to awaken my body. I went back to the weights and after just one more set gave up and came home.

This week my runs have also been tiresome with lack of energy as well. I originally figured that I was seeing the results of pushing my body so hard in my half marathon this past week, but figured that would be subsiding by now.

Like I said, it is no surprise that I have no energy. I have been getting up and 4:05 AM each morning, running or working out, going to work and working 9 and 10 hour days, coming home, taking care of some household business (running the kids here or there) and then working 2 - 4 more hours before going to bed between 10:30 and 11:00. All to do it all over the next day.

Now, many of you might laugh at me and say "You call that work?" I am an Application Developer so yes, work for me is sitting in front of the computer all day. Not much of a physical activity, but unless you have worked in front of the computer all day, you would never understand how physically draining it is. I am sure the mental part of it is what drains you physically, but it is tiring none the less.

I have a hugh project that is coming due, that I have a lot of work left on. I had a mini due date this past Tuesday, then another bigger due date today. I have one of the main due dates on Monday which is going to be tough, and then it is roll out of the application from there. All while continuing to work on back end stuff. To say the least I am stressed.

To add to all this, I think my body is reacting from a weight loss standpoint. I have not seen any weight loss over the past couple weeks while I have been going through all this. I am not eating as good as I could be, but I am not eating bad enough that I shouldn't be losing weight either. I think it is my body just telling me that I am not getting enough rest. I wish I could respond to it and give it the rest it needs, but it will have to wait till after these deadlines.


  1. Don't be discouraged! I think you need to give your body a longer rest. You need more time than you might think to recover from your half this past weekend. Injury is keeping me from exercise and I think that has been a good thing. My energy level continues to remain high, even with a reduced amount of exercise.

  2. Sounds very much like what happened to me, I felt I was going to have a complete breakdown so I just stopped everything. I stopped running and my other exercises for about a week and it made a big difference to my energy levels. Now I'm back with a bang maybe you should try it

  3. I remember one day feeling EXACTLY like you described. I'd gotten on the same machine that I normally did my cardio on and after 10 minutes quit in frustration. Then I walked over to the weight bench and sat down feeling like I failed. Then a really nice guy came over and introduced himself. That's Paul and we've been encouraging each other ever since. It was also 74 lbs ago. Keep the focus on health, family, and friends. You'll be alright. Give yourself permission to rest/recover when you need it. We're behind you Tim!

  4. Needed to catchup on your blog. Great job on the 1/2 marathon. It sounds like your body is trying to talk to you that it wants you to change something. It is needing rest, protien, something. Take some well deserved time off this weekend and enjoy your sleeping in, spending time with the kids and wife. Just have a relaxing weekend and by Monday you will feel like a new man.

  5. Rest up Tim, concentrate on those deadlines and then come back strong!!!

  6. Wow, Tim, give yourself some time to recoup from the half...your body is telling you to chill a little. Take some time, don't stop completely but just back off a little. You don't want to get really sick.

    Do what you've got to do, don't forget, you have a whole lot of things on the step at a time my friend.

  7. I'll just echo the other comments here - I've been going through a very similar thing. Rest is important, try to fit it in where you can. Also, I find whenever I fall out of my healthy eating happens, that has a big impact too. So if you can't get the rest you need, at least try to get those fruits, vegetables, & water down! And protein. Your body needs a certain amount of protein to recover.

  8. I agree with what many have already posted in that the half probably took more out of you than you think, that perhaps you should consider just backing off of the exercise regimen next week and "sleep in" and just head in to work, and another HUGE factor is the stress that you admittedly said you are feeling over your project deadlines and from keeping up with work and home/family in general. Stress takes a bigger toll on us than I think we realize at times.

    So, cut yourself some slack, take a break from exercise for a week like abimars said. It's ok and, for a greater good for you in the LONG RUN. There's nothing wrong with resting to revitalize and rejuvenate yourself. Give yourself that permission.

    Be well...

  9. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.

    I have many days where i have felt exactly the same as you :) the life of a runner.

    Will be back for more.

  10. Tim, your body is telling you that you need a break! After I did my first half marathon, and after Chicago last year, I just flat out stopped everything...running, x-training, etc.--for 2-3 weeks. I slept late, did what I wanted, and just treated myself nice.

    I work in systems/embedded software, but I know the life of an app programmer can be hard. Give it a couple weeks, maybe even wait until your project is over. Hey, there's no rush and you'll do yourself better in the long run by laying off.

  11. Thanks all for stopping by and for your comments.

    I did what the Doctor ordered over the weekend..... mostly :)

    I did go for a 1 mile easy run, because it was with my daughter, but that was the only thing I did.... other than work.

    I still did have to work all weekend, but I really didn't have a choice on that front.

    I slept in on Saturday... as long as my body would let me. and then slept as long as I could until Church yesterday. I ended up working late last night, but I did let myself sleep in to 5:45 this morning and I do feel physically better so far.

    Still a lot of stress. I got about 80% of where I needed to be for today on my project. I will be so happy when this project is over. It has been the toughest project I have had for over 5 years. But..... I am still employed :)

    Thanks again everyone for putting up with my whining. I do think the half marathon, lack of sleep, and added stress was hitting me hard, and I was too proud to step back and rest.... not like I have ever done that before. :)

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