Rain Glorious Rain

Down here in Georgia where the bread and soup lines are getting ready to turn into drinking water lines, it is a wonderful morning when you wake up to the pitter patter of a good rainfall on the skylight.

A good rainfall is a welcome commodity, but couple that with 37 degrees and I am overjoyed..... overjoyed that this morning is not a running morning!

There still was a smile on my face as I dressed for success (shorts and a t-shirt) and headed out the door to go to the gym for a good workout. It was amazing to see the added bodies occupying the treadmills as it looks like others were happy to see the rain.... just not on their running morning. :)


  1. Timing is everything, eh? Good day to be in the gym. Here, too, the kids don't have school because we have about 4 - 5 inches of snow and it's still coming down. Makes for a difficult run. :-(

  2. I envy you with the rain... I would trade snow for rain any day. We on the other hand are getting a good share of snow. One day it is system snow and then the ol' great lake spews her stuff and we get lake effect..

    Congrats by the way on the weight loss and the running mile marker.

  3. Hey,

    I found your blog, you're going a find job.
    Anyway, I am in Grayson, I've been on the fence about the Reagan half, but I might do the 10k, but I am going to run the ING half in March.
    We should hook up and do a training run.


  4. Its getting really cold and snow is on the way here in the UK, seriously considering a gym membership.

  5. Good job on not just packing it up for the day, and getting out to the gym. I am running this evening with my son, and I feel odd not to be going running during lunch.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. It turned out to be a nice day - if you like these kind of days :) I don't mind the rain though, or even the snow.... sometimes!

    I lived in Indiana and Michigan for most of my life so I know what Rick and Hoosier is going through. Hang in there guys! The UK, I really don't know what it is like there, other than what my neighbors tell me (they are from the UK)

    Brian - shot me an e-mail I would love to get together for a run. My e-mail is in my profile

    MIT - I hope your run went good with your son! I love it when my daughter will go running with me!