January Temperatures Hit 80!

Well, no, the actual thermometer did not hit 80 degrees in January, at least not here in the Atlanta area, but there were two temperatures that did hit 80 here!

When I use the term temperature, I am using the definition " Any of various standardized numerical measures......" and talking about my weight loss and running distances.

This month, January 2008 marked two milestones of great significance to me. This month I passed my 80 lb mark in weight loss since I started my weightloss journey in January of 2007. I also for the first time hit an 80 mile month in my Quest to a Marathon.

This mornings run was the run that catapulted me beyond the 80 mile mark. I was reading Eric's blog Marathoner in Training yesterday and he had hit 80 miles for the month. (yes - these are his pics - he gave me permission - his post is pretty funny!) While I was reading I decided to check, and I was only about 3.5 miles from doing the same. With my ankle problems earlier this week I didn't know if I was going to be able to hit it, but I stretched a lot and paid really close attention to my ankle and was able to get my scheduled 10k run in with no problems at all to get me to 82.8 for the month. I am still behind the pace bunny (by .8 mile) for the 1,000 mile club at Running Ahead, but I am gaining ground, and will pass him up this Saturday if all goes as planned with my long run.

Here's to my first 80 lbs, and first 80 mile month!


  1. Great job on the 80 miles, and combine that with 80lbs lost, 80 sounds like a lucky number. I come from a non-running background (cyclist) and I found that once I was able to complete a 10k and still feel strong, any distance was within reach.

  2. I knew about the 80 miles, but not the 80lbs. That is amazing. Keep up the great work, and streatch the ancle more

  3. Great work! ... I haven't hit any of those milestones but it is 80 degrees here today :)

  4. Great job! 80lbs should make the running a bit easier. Incidentally, the weather in Chicago is 8F.

    Just Your Average Joggler
    Perry, 44

  5. Thanks all for stopping by!

    My ankle is still a little stiff in the mornings, but doesn't seem to cause any problems when I run. I have been icing it and stretching it a lot, so I am confident I will continue to see progress with it.

    80, and 80 was a great accomplishment that I am proud of and still am in disbelief that I actually did it. Here's to the next 20 lbs, and the next 80 miles!

    Mike, 80 degrees and beautiful no doubt - must be nice living in paradise :)

  6. Congratulations on the milestones, Tim! Both are amazing! Keep up the awesome work... injury free of course. ;-)

    That second pic looks like an aerial view of The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island.

  7. OH. My. GOD. That is soooo incredible! Way to go!

  8. Rick and POM, thanks for stopping by and offering the encouraging words!

    POM - good luck with your race tomorrow!! You will do great!