Who's going to see The Spirit of the Marathon?

So, who is going to see The Spirit of the Marathon movie this next Thursday? I bought my ticket a couple months ago and I am really looking forward to it. I am going by myself because I don't know a whole lot of runners around my area that are this into it and are training for a marathon themselves.


  1. I'm in... My wife and I are going. I've got a bunch of friends going too. Can't wait. Should be a good time.

  2. It'll be showing in New Zealand .... in about five years time :(

    Enjoy the movie! :)

  3. I'm totally going! There's a group of 6 of us (so far)...we're joking about that we are going to get a taxi to drive us to the theater (4 miles away) because we are going to be so pumped up, we'll want to run back home! LOL...

    Hey, I did get your email and I responded--check your junk folder. If you don't see it ping me again...


  4. I am expecting a packed house at the one I am going to, should be quite exciting.

    Does anyone have a camcorder for sub6? :) Just kidding! But I am sure you can download it somewhere online the very next day..... JUST KIDDING AGAIN!

    Jim, that sounds like fun, like you and Eric I wish I had some people to go with. If the theater is only 4 miles away, you should dump the taxi and run both ways... nobody will care if they are sitting by some smelly runners.... if that is how they got smelly. :)

    I wonder if it will ever get put out on video... if so, I wonder when.

  5. My wife and I are going to go. Looking forward to it. I get all worked up just watching that trailer! GAH!