36 degrees, rain/sleet/snow - 8 miles

Well, I knew what the forecast was, but I still wanted to get my long run in.

The run started with 36 degrees and it was raining. I was taking off on a new course which was a 8 mile circle. (as a side note, you can see if you look at linked map of my running route, I passed by the Ronald Reagan Parkway - this is where my First Half Marathon will be run in less than a month) After mile two I started seeing and feeling sleet mixed in with the rain. By the time I got to mile 3 snow was starting to make it's appearance. I stopped at a gas station to get some gatoraide just about mile 4 and then continued on in the snow. As the run progressed, so did the snow. By the time I got to mile 7 it was starting to stick.

The picture to the left was as I was walking back up to the house following my run. You can see I actually even have some snow on the front of my shirt just like cars have from driving into the snow. Wow! I must run fast! :) OK, maybe not.

The forcast changed a couple times, but they are still saying we will get between 1 and 2 inches, which is a lot for here in Atlanta. I think I was turning a lot of heads this morning as people passed me by on the roads. I didn't see any other runners and only a couple people walking their dogs.


  1. Way to go, Tim! You keep this up and you're gonna have to be entering tough-man contests as well! Good job!

  2. Tim, great results. I punk'd out and stayed in today. I knew somewhere in Metro Atlanta some runner was enjoying that beautiful snow.

  3. I do have to admit, it wasn't all a pain. I really kinda secretly enjoyed it. If I would have waited about an hour longer I wouldn't have had to run in any rain, it could have all been beautiful snow.

    Hey - you could run tomorrow when it is going to be real cold :) Me - I am taking tomorrow off!