Spirit of the Marathon - Movie Review

OK, this is not really a movie review, just a quick note. I thought the movie was awesome. Sure it is not a movie like some would like to see movies, but it was exactly what it was said to be, the story of those on a journey to the Chicago Marathon. It, in my opinion is much better for those actually training for a marathon, or thinking about it, but may not be all that great for someone not interested in running at all.

You can watch the trailer at one of my previous posts.

This was a one time showing, but they did put up a note at the end that said that due to demand it would be showing again on February 21st. You can find out more here: www.marathonmovie.com I may write more tomorrow, but got to get to bed. My running is done early in the morning, so my schedule sends me to bed now.

Did anyone else go see it? What did you think?

*edit* Blaine Moore from Run to Win did a really good actual Movie Review on his blog: link


  1. I really liked it as well, Tim and, agree that it is probably more meaningful for someone preparing for, or considering, a marathon. I thought it was both inspiring and caused me to be riddled with anxiety at the same time. I really like how they followed the stories of average people, like myself, and their hopes, fears, preparation and training, sacrifices, the sacrifices of their family and friends, their expectations, triiumphs, and tragedies. And then the flip side of the male and female ultra's and their adversities and expectations. Very well done film. I think my wife enjoyed it, but I don't think it was gripping to her as it was to me.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Tim!

    I was originally planning on coming home, recording my thoughts for 5 or 10 minutes and just putting an mp3 review up and going to bed (it took almost an hour to drive home from the theater and I get up at 5 every day...)

    My cat was angry that we didn't come home after work though and I decided that having her yell at me and fight for attention wasn't worth the bother and just wrote the review instead.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie as well. I thought it captured the full gamut of the running experience. I've not run a marathon yet, but I know from running half-marathons that people experience the same feelings at that distance.

  4. Tim:

    I saw it and really liked it. It inspired me, but some of the friends I went with were...uh, dis-inspired? One said that after seeing how difficult the training is, it reinforced her decision to not run a marathon. Still, she enjoyed the movie...

    I put a mini-review on my blog today, so you're welcome to stop by and read it!


  5. Thanks all for stopping by, especially considering I didn't write much up about it. It was getting late and just didn't want to go to bed too late.

    I may find out if a friend of mine who is training for his first marathon (to be run late March) wants to go to see it with me when it replays in February. I will be just days past my first Half Marathon at that time, and will be turning my focus on the 26.2.

    Jim - I will check out your post.