12 - 4 = 8 = Shorter Long Run

Well, I got up at 6:45 for my 12 miler this morning. My intention was to get out the door by 7:00 since I need to be somewhere by 10:00 and that would give me 2.5 hours to run, stretch and get cooled down, and then just enough time to get ready and get to the place I needed to be.

Well.... that is what I thought. Life threw me a curve ball. As I was getting ready to head out the door something happened at home that I needed to take care of right away.... all the while I was getting more aggravated that I was going to mess up my run. I would have loved to just put my long run off till Sunday, but that would mess up my whole schedule. What started off as just a slight delay ended up costing me an hour, so I didn't get out the door until 7:50.

I still wanted to do 12 miles, because I am just a few weeks away from my first Half Marathon so I asked my wife if she could do the 10:00 drop off and I would be there ASAP. So, I took off, the run was going good and I was keeping a good pace for where I wanted to be. (two weeks ago when I ran 14 I ran the first two miles hard and paid for it in the end) I was running at just under a 10 minute pace which is where I wanted to be.

As the run progressed so did my anxiousness of putting my wife in a rough place of having to get two kids at two different places within just a few minutes of each other, so I begrudgingly took the only opportunity I had to cut my route a little shorter. I have a 8 mile circle, and I add an out and back just over half way to make it a 12 mile route. At just past the 5 mile mark I made the decision to cut the extra 4 miles out and run the 8 mile circle so I could get home in time to take the extra weight off of my wife's shoulders.

The 8 mile run went really good, but I did start it off at a 12 mile pace so it really should have gone good. My legs felt good throughout and so did my overall body. When I got home I was not completely spent so I know I could have gone a bit faster and harder.

I am bummed that I didn't get to do the 12 miles, but I feel like I made the right choice in getting home earlier. I am in a sort of holding pattern till race day anyway. I am not trying to increase my long run at this time because I know that the 14 miler was plenty long enough of a training run leading up to a Half Marathon. I don't want to push myself to hard and end up injuring myself this close to the race.

I will start to push on the mileage again once the Half has been completed and I turn my focus to the 26.2.

This 8 mile run put me at 22 miles for the week, not as good as I was hoping, but in the top three of my best weeks.

Until the next time.....


  1. Tim... I can totally relate. With a young daughter, it's tough to always have things go the way you want. You should have seen how much I obsessed about my long runs when I was marathon training. I made myself crazy. It actually sounds like you are pretty level-headed about it. Anyhow, things are looking good for the half. Any idea what you are shooting for (time wise)?

  2. Thanks Eric for stopping by.

    Oh, you are totally miss-reading me :) I am obsessed too, it was really hard for me to turn and head home knowing I wasn't going to get the 12 miles in. Truth be told, it still is bothering me a bit... but I do know that I did the right thing.

    I am kinda shooting for sub 2 hrs, but I am not overly concerned about it. Since it is my first, I just want to complete it. Plus I have been told by many people that it is a difficult course, so I don't want to get my hopes too high. I was able to put 13.1 in just over a month ago at 2:07 and I did 14 in a couple weeks at 2:22 (a little slower - but still not far) so I know I can do it, it is just how the course is and how I run the race.

    Thanks for stopping by and asking. I saw your post earlier in my rss reader, I will stop by soon and take a look.

  3. Tim,
    Wow. What a good husband!! I bet your wife was very happy to know that you thought of her and cut your run short. What a way to show her how important she is to you..:)

    Sucks that you didn't get your intended mileage in but you did most of it! Most people would have skipped the whole thing so good for you.

    Great job and can't wait to see how it goes next week!:)

  4. Part of training for races and having a life is flexibility! Sometimes you have to cut the runs short. But it sounds like you are really ready for this one! You will do fine.

  5. Thanks all for stopping by and the encouragement!

  6. Sometimes life happens. Don't be too hard on yourself. 8 is great! And congrats on your weekly total.

  7. Ya do whatcha gotta do, eh Tim. You did the right thing that day. You've got plenty of hay in the barn for your half my friend. You're gonna do great! Good job on the run.

  8. watch the documentary film Spirit of the Marathon. it will inspire you to run the full marathon for sure.

    great film. well done.