Starting to feel better

I am starting to feel a little better following my last post of lack of energy. I have still been working almost every waking hour, but have been resting and sleeping a little later. It is absolutely killing me to not be running though :)

I did get out for 1 mile on Saturday with my daughter, and then another 1.25 walk/run with my son. I can't let these times go. :)

I will probably get out and do a couple miles a couple times in the next few days, however I am not going to be able to run this coming Saturday as we are taking a road trip to Savanna, GA. My wife's brother is stationed there while he is getting ready to go back to Iraq, and this Saturday is when he gets released for his last few days of freedom before he gets shipped out in the next few weeks. This is his second tour of duty in Iraq, the first time was when the war started. His wife and kids are coming down from Indiana Friday and we are making the journey to Savanna Saturday morning.

Well, enough for today. Got to get to work - still a lot of work on my projects, although it is going good. Hopefully I will be back to where I was running in the next couple weeks. :)


  1. I feel your pain! I haven't been able to run for over a week! That's OK, though - It just reminds us of the pleasure that is available in running!

  2. Great job in kickin' back, Tim. I know it isn't easy. Glad to hear your project's going well. Have a great visit with your brother in law and his family and, my thanks for his and his family's sacrifice. I pray the Lord bless him and keep him and his family safe while he is serving and brings him home safe and quickly.

  3. Tell your brother in law that we appreciate his sacrifice and everything he does for our country. You are excused from your Saturday run, in honor of him. Keep running with the kids:)

  4. Well done on the mile :)
    My sister and brother have both been on tours in Iraq and Afghanistan 2 tours each now. My Sister is due back in Afghanistan next month.

  5. Thanks all for stopping by. Headed tomorrow to see my wife's brother off. His wife and kids are here now, in from Indiana.