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Saturdays are one of my more difficult days to get a run in.  During the week I always run before work leaving anytime after 5:00 am, and Sundays I like to get my long(er) run in before church and leave usually before 6:30 am.  Lately these Sunday morning runs have been with my daughters which has been awesome!  During the training for my marathon I was getting up even earlier during the week and on Sundays to get my longer runs in.

Saturdays are another completely different deal.  On Saturdays I like to sleep in to catch up on some of the sleep I missed out on during the rest of the week.  Of course this very seldom happens because it seems like everything else happens on Saturdays.  During the Track and XC Seasons there seems to always be a meet on Saturday mornings, and when that isn't happening we have to be at the ball park for our son's baseball games.  Of course many of you would say, why don't you get up and run before these meets or games....... to you I say please re-read the beginning of this paragraph :)

On the Saturdays when we have nothing else going on we like to sleep in later (see previous paragraph) and then have breakfast as a family.  This is something we have done for years whenever possible and we all really enjoy this time.  Of course an early run for me means I am messing with this family tradition which I love just as much as everybody else.  Following a breakfast like these usually are, we cannot hit the road anytime soon so the 2 hour rule is in effect for digestion purposes.

Saturday's just seem to go from there and never slow down, they usually include yard work, picking up around the house, house repairs, as well as a multitude of other things.  These days never seem to slow down and go from one thing to the next.

As the day goes, so does the time, and next thing I know it is nearing dinner time and I usually have not gotten my run in.  I really prefer to run earlier in the day and this makes me less than pleasant to be around.  There are many reasons why this ends up being a problem.  It is usually hotter out, I am tired from the physical work of the day, it messes with everyone else's schedule, and also the fact that I will be running a long(er) run early the next morning.

Sometimes Saturdays and running just are not a good companion, but I usually fight one through even if it is just a short run.  This morning of course I went against all that I am talking about and got 6 miles in before lunch (logged here and here).  Of course I had to miss breakfast to do this which doesn't make me happy :)

So, how do you work your run in on Saturday?  Do you have any routines that just help your running click, or do you also struggle with scheduling your runs on Saturday?

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