Not going to Race it..... But I will Run it

Tonight is the S.W.A.T. Trot 5k.  This will be my third time attempting to run it.  Last year was very cool because it was my daughter Payton's first 5k, and the previous year was quite interesting to say the least.

This time is really turning out to be blah.  I was hoping that both my daughters would run the 5k with me tonight, but things have changed.  My oldest daughter Ashlee is having trouble with her thigh (an over-use injury) and so we didn't even sign her up.  I did sign up both myself and my younger daughter Payton to run and was looking forward to setting a new PR.

Over the past week+ Payton has been having some issues with her shins.  We are pretty sure that her issues are being brought on by her shoes needing replaced so I have ordered her some new shoes.  That doesn't change the fact that she should not run it, and was told absolutely not by her coach when she asked if she could still run it.

To top it all off, I am feeling some (ever so slightly) dull pain in my left thigh.  I really don't know that I should call it pain, but it just doesn't feel right.  I have flipped back and forth with my plans for tonight and how to run it, and I think given the circumstances, that I will just run it tempo pace and not try to kick out a new PR or anything. I am afraid that if I push it too hard I will finish with a pulled muscle which will put me out for a while.  Trying to set a new PR at this race in the past has proven to be quite traumatic so maybe I should learn from the past and take it easy.

So, that is how things are going right now.... I am kinda down and discouraged about the circumstances around this.  I really hate it when I can't run like I want to because of injury, but even more so I hate it when the same thing happens to my girls.

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Do you have any upcoming races?  How do you deal with races if you are not 100%?  Do you go out and give it your all and hope for the best, or do you race conservatively so you can stay injury free?

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