Is it time for a Test Run?

It has been just over a week since the last time I ran.  The pain in the Butt wasn't getting any better then with a change of recovery methods, and complete laziness, it finally started changing for the better.  Following a lot of driving and a single run that made it worse, my back was hurting pretty bad last Saturday.  The pain moved to my butt shortly after and so I decided to take some time off to let it get better.

I have not been running and I have been taking it very easy.  I have also been stretching and using a heating pad at night.  This all seemed to be helping when I was doing it, but it really didn't seem to be progressing at all.

This past Saturday my wife went to her chiropractor and I told her she needed to tell him to fix my back through her.  She did as I asked but he didn't think it was possible for some reason.  Our Medical Flexible Spending Account is empty and we don't have chiropractic coverage.  This coupled with the fact that I have not gone to a chiropractor for nearly 15 years would mean that this first visit would be very pricey with all the x-rays and other new patient costs.  He suggested that I stop using heat because it can just make it worse, and instead use ice.  Of course he also suggested that I come and see him...... which I am not completely ruling out at this point.

Amazingly enough the change to ice and ice only has seemed to be a move in the right direction.  My back has started to feel amazingly better and most of the pain in my butt is gone as well.  I am still far from 100% so I am still taking it easy, but I may try to go for a short easy run tonight to see how things work out.  I am going to wait to see how the day goes before I make my final decision, but if everything feels the way it does now I will head out for a mile or two test run tonight.  I will be very careful and run with caution because I don't want to set myself back by getting too ambitious or over zealous.

Just when I was really starting to feel down and wondering if I was ever going to run again......  It is funny how our minds play tricks on us.  During this time off the thought crossed my mind more than a few times about not being able to run again.  I know that is not the case, but when it comes to back issues they can be completely life changing issues in some cases.

Do you ever get that way?  Do you ever feel like this injury/setback will be the one that does me in and keeps me from running ever again?