Blogger Ultimate Holiday Gift Exchange

I recently took part in an Ultimate Holiday Gift Exchange for running bloggers organized by Jill over at Run With Jill.  I got in at the last minute because all too often I get behind on my blog reading and I totally missed it till it was almost too late.  Nevertheless I got in on time and I was able to make the list.

I have been busy and really wasn't looking for anything in the mail and then yesterday a suspicious card arrived addressed to me with no return address.  I promptly opened it and sure enough it was my gift from my secret blogger Chris - aka - C2Iowa.  Inside the card was a Subway Gift Card.  How did he know that Subway is my go-to lunch stop whenever I don't bring my lunch with me to work?

Here is where I get to try to have a little bit of fun.  If I thank Chris myself he gets just one thank you, but if all of you thank him for me then he can get just that much more blogger love.  Since most of my blog posts keep you around for at least an hour why not take the next 30-45 minutes and head on over to C2Iowa's blog and browse around a little bit.  While you are there you could read a little bit, comment a little bit, and maybe even Follow Him so you can be the first to know when he writes something else phenomenal.

Merry Christmas everyone (can you believe we are just a week away??)


  1. I do not know who "she" is but thanks. This is way over the top.

  2. Hahah, love Chris' comment!! Chris is awesome (a guy I work with :) ), an incredible runner - and writer. He's about to have surgery for a torn meniscus in a few days, I'm sure he can use lots of love!!! And Subway ROCKS! Maybe you can get to be a spokesperson, like Jarrad, for them :).

    Have a really great holiday, Tim! You're such a great inspiration to all of us out there striving to make our lives better!

  3. Excellent. Thanks for stopping by my blog--glad I could now find yours! And I went to Chris's site too...a good recommendation. Have a great weekend!