The Test Run

I finally was feeling better enough to give the back and butt a run for it.  I decided this morning that I would go for a test run this evening if I felt good all day and I didn't have one pain at all.  The day did turn out that way and I had no pain at all throughout the day.

I started with a walk just to give it one last go at a brisk pace just to make sure there was no pain and there was none.  I started the two miles out really easy tuned in to every stride and every part of my back, butt, and legs.  I was ready to stop if anything at all came up and started to cause any pain or discomfort.  The run went really good and I didn't experience any pain whatsoever.  My legs were a little tight as I would expect them to be after not running for 9 days, but they still felt fine and didn't fatigue at all throughout the run.

The run was interesting as well because of the temperature of 33 degrees and winds from 18mph gusting up to 24mph making it feel like it was 22 degrees.  I was dressed for it and I am ready and waiting for this winter weather and kinda looking forward to it as well..... for now.  Ask me again in January.

I am not giving myself a complete green arrow yet, but will start running slowly and easy and begin building back up to a full schedule if I can continue pain free.

Thanks for encouraging me and sticking with me, I know it wasn't a long time off but I do lack a little bit of writing mojo when I am not running.

How do you come back from an injury, how quickly do you start building back the mileage?


  1. Ditto on the yippee for pain free! My MAIN goal with running is no injuries. To answer your question, I come back from injury by researching the hell out of it (I only go to physical therapy when I cannot heal myself). Also, I do lots and lots of foam rolling.

    I do build up initial mileage rather quickly, but once I'm at about 24/25 miles a week, I try to increase only 10% a week if needed (but I broke that rule last week :(

    My physical therapist told me that I must spend as many hours strengthening w/ the floor exercises as I do running. That's a tall order. But since I've been trying, I'm having less injuries.

    Good luck!!

  2. This is really good news! I've been injury free for a long time but I always build up very slowly for a few weeks. Patience is the name of the comeback game.

  3. I am grateful with you, Tim! To have "no pain" is an amazing thing!

    "Somebody bigger than you and I!"

  4. I think it really depends on the injury :)

    I'm glad about the no pain, too! GOOD LUCK!

  5. I hear ya! I'm going for a test run tomorrow after a foot injury. Pray for me.

    I've been going crazy with not running. I can't believe how much running or not running affects me.

    Will be curious on how you go about building up the mileage slowly. I need to really focus on that since my goals this coming year are two marathons (May and October)

  6. Thanks Ulyana!

    OrangeBlossom - Will do, I hope your test run goes as well as mine did! I will try to be a good example on building mileage back up slowly, but I have not been known to be too patient sometimes :)