Things Are Looking Up

I have had a couple good runs since starting back slow this week.  I am itching to get running more but I am intentionally taking it very slow to make sure I don't re-injure anything along the way.

I am excited to get the mileage and training back to where it was but time will bring that soon enough (OK, soon enough may be a bit of an overstatement - I want to be back where I was NOW!)

Of course, I only took 9 days off so I have nothing to complain about.  I am happy to be back out running so soon considering how bad I was hurting those first few days.  Things are definitely looking up and I should be back to where I want to be in just a couple weeks, just in time to try out all the new running gear I am sure to get for Christmas (hint, hint)

I will be back out again in the morning for the third go at it.  I am looking forward once again to some nice 20 degree weather to run in.  I am not sure where this weather came from it seems like just a few days ago that we were sweating and hoping for a breeze.

I have been reading a lot of bloggers talking about their 2011 race schedule lately and I realized I really haven't thought much about it.  I would like to run at least a couple marathons, a couple half marathons (one of which I hopefully can run with my daughters) and some 10k's and 5k's around town.  I have some standing shorter races like the Saratoga 5k Fun Run in April, and the Peachtree Road Race in July.

I am still trying to decide on the marathon(s).  I have thought about running the Publix Georgia Marathon on March 20th since it is close to home, however I am not sure I can swing the cost at this time.  Of course there may be opportunities that come up to take care of that so I am not completely counting it out at this time.  I already have a couple fall marathons to fall back on but I am interested to see what else it out there so I am up for suggestions, even if they are not in Georgia.

Do you have any suggestions as far as marathons or half marathons go?  What races of any distance do you have on your schedule?

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