Today Is My Birthday But YOU Get The Gift!

Today is my birthday but I am not the one receiving the gift, you are!  I started the day with a 4.1 mile birthday run to celebrate the achievement of another year.  I thought about running in my birthday suit, but the 30 degree weather changed my mind.  I made the decision to run in early 2007 as part of a drastic life change which has allowed me to continue to get healthier which allows me to continue to get older.  Some people dread getting older, but I accept it as a gift, just like the jelly club of the month it is the gift that keeps on giving :)

Of course I will not refuse gifts (if you need my address, just e-mail me) or if you want to buy me a running book from my most wanted list, I won't get too upset if it shows up late.  If you really want to make my birthday happy, just head over to my Facebook Fanpage and tell me happy birthday ....and any of the above things work as well :)

OK, enough of me trying to be funny (but really, I am OK if something shows up late) and on to how YOU get YOUR gift from me on MY birthday.  I have two $10 iTunes cards that I am going to give away.  I will not be sending these cards, but I will scratch off the codes and send you the codes by e-mail.  This is both to save me the postage, as well as to get these codes over to you as soon as possible.

There really is nothing to this, and only one single way to enter.... Leave a comment here on the blog.  That is right, nothing else fancy to do, just Leave a comment on this post, any comment will do.  Comments on this post on the Facebook Fanpage do not count towards this giveaway, the comment must be posted on the blog, however any comments on this post in Facebook still do count towards the giveaway of the Meb Keflezighi Run to Overcome book.

Here is the deal:

  • The giveaway will stay open until there are 41 comments, at which point the giveaway will be closed to new entries.
  • The 41st comment will automatically win one of the $10 iTunes Cards.
  • One other winner will be randomly chosen from the first 40 comments for the other $10 iTunes Card.
This may go really fast or this may take a while, depending on how much thought people put into trying to be exactly #41.  Please limit your comments to one per person, and remember the faster you promote this on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or etched into bathroom stalls, the faster you can become a winner!  

**If by chance I do not get 41 comments in a decent amount of time I will stop the giveaway and award one of the cards at random to the existing comments.  The time will be at my discretion when I feel like it has gone on long enough.

Don't forget about the giveaway going on right now for Meb Keflezighi's Run to Overcome book!

So, why not guess..... how old do you think I am?