Working With What We Have

If you are not aware with what is going on in my life right now you need to go back and read the last couple posts.  Of course, you may want to start three posts back because that is where I am giving away the YurBuds which are one of the latest hot items for runners who like their music and or podcasts on the run.

The ice in Atlanta is getting better, but not fast enough.  Friday will mark the fifth day in a row that the schools have been closed and the kids are going crazy.  My daughters and I are also getting antsy since we have not been able to get a run in for the last couple days.  We did run in the snow on Monday, before everything turned to ice, but the ice has made it just too dangerous to run on the roads.

I also have not been to the office this week before today.  I decided that today would be the day that I got out and braved the icy roads.  I assessed the roads again today and decided that they were still not safe to run on so we were looking for options when the idea of running on the treadmill at work came up.  I offered to take my girls to the office as well and let them do some shopping in the nearby mall, and then get their run in on the treadmill in our building.  The only downside was that they would have to hang around till I finished the day and of course get a run in myself.

Everything went as planned and they got their run in just before lunch.  They hung out and watched a movie while I finished work and headed down to the treadmill myself.  I ended up getting 4 long miles in on the treadmill.  It was OK for the first 1/4 mile and the rest was just a drag.  I am just not a treadmill runner, but we are working with what we have and making the best of it.

Are you a treadmill runner?  Do you hit the treadmill only when you have no other option (like me) or are you a regular treadmill runner?