Yurbuds Winner Announced and Another Way to Win

Let me start by saying that I just was contacted today on another way to win your own pair of Yurbuds if you are not the lucky winner today.  You can find that information after the winner is announced below.

I counted, counted again, and then recounted the entries in the Yurbuds Giveaway Post just to make sure I got the correct amount of entries in the in the random.org magic winner picker tool.  The total entries I counted were 62 which means each entry had a 1 in 62 chance to win.... just incase you were wondering what your odds were.  If you had more than one entry you will have to figure that out because I just can't be bothered with trying to figure out what your odds were.  (this line is for my brother in law, that probably doesn't read my blog anyway, but has just quit smoking and I am very proud of him because he is going to start running soon and then he may start reading my blog)

So I plugged the number 62 in and pulled the magic lever.  And to my amazement (it really wasn't as exciting as it sounds) the number 33 was the lucky number.  I counted, counted again, and then recounted just to make sure I got the correct entry and I found the winner to be Jesse, who you can find at his blog, Please Don't Stop the Music (MUSIC, MUsic, music), where I am sure he would love you to follow him, or on DailyMile where I am sure he would love to have more motivators. If you go and check him out on DailyMile, it is just an illusion, he really is not faster than me.  The comment he left which worked out to be the #33 entry can be found below.

Congratulations Jesse!  Please contact me at info@262quest.com and I will get your code to order your new Yurbuds.

As for everybody else, as I promised I have another way for you to win your set of Yurbuds.  I find it ironic that someone contacted me today saying that they were giving away a pair of Yurbuds on their Facebook Fanpage.  Their giveaway ends this Sunday so you only have a couple days left to enter.  Head over to the Breakthru Radio Fanpage.  They have some posts on there that give you the very easy instructions on how to win.  All I ask is that when you leave a comment, tell them I sent you, not that it is going to get me anything, but I would like to load up their page with my website address :)  Let's load up this one comment with all our comments :)

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