Am I still a runner?

Over the last couple weeks I have run exactly zero times..... Does that mean that I am no longer a runner? I think the easy answer to that is no, but why is that?

I have gone through a few different emotions over the past couple weeks, not to mention the emotion of pain..... Well, as I know that pain is an emotion, that really hasn't been the type of pain I have been going through. If you are new to my blog, you can get the story of my injury starting here, with updates here and here. Some of the emotions I have gone though have been because of the pain medication I am sure, but some of the emotions have also been brought on by passing runners on the road as I am driving or being driven around town.

Yes, I do still consider myself a runner. Just because John Smoltz had shoulder surgery taking him out for the rest of the season doesn't mean he is no longer a pitcher, he just isn't actively pitching. And what about Tiger Woods, would anybody say he is no longer a golfer? OK, I am not trying to compare myself to John Smoltz or Tiger Woods, so don't even start :). But, if you feel the need to talk about me and compare me to one of the two I don't mind.

Why do I still consider myself a runner?
  • I still want to get out there and run, I really miss it.
  • I will still be walking the Peachtree Road Race, even though I can't run it... just for the experience. Even though the Doctor told me I could run it.
  • I am still reading other running blogs, even though I haven't had much to talk about lately.
  • I still talk to my friends and family about running every time I am around them.... sorry!
  • I still find other runners to talk to and enjoy sharing stories.
  • I wear my sling as a badge of honor that I was hurt while running a race... and enjoy telling people how I was hurt.... OK, I am getting sick of this now. I really like the idea someone gave me to write the story out on poster board and tape it to my arm.
There are many other reasons why I still consider myself a runner, but I am also concerned about not being able to run and how this will affect the progress I have made. I won't be able to run the Peachtree, and it will probably be at least a month before I will be able to start running a bit, with no telling how long it will be before I can run another race.

These setbacks also have shattered my hopes of running my first Marathon this fall. I will now start to look for and focus on a spring Marathon. I would probably still be able to if my healing took place quickly, but I am at the point now where I really should start to ramp up my mileage if I was going to do a Fall Marathon.

The healing is going well, I am still in a lot of pain, however I have just over the past few days been able to start typing with two hands again. Two weeks of one handed typing was making my job as a developer a very slow process, not to mention as you have seen has slowed down my blogging quite a bit. As I am sure you can empathize, after spending all day fighting the keyboard with one handed typing the last thing I wanted to do was come home and type a one handed blog post.

It is a real eye opener how much we use and rely on both of our hands. Life has been different to say the least, and a down right chore in some areas. I have learned to cope, but has really given me a new concern and caring for those who have not just lost use of their arm for a time, but have permanently lost use of or entirely lost a limb.

I am able to start going without the sling a little bit, but still have a few more weeks before the doctor will allow me to start moving my arm in the complete motion. I am slowly feeling like there is some progress being made, but have to continue to remind myself that I am still on the Injured list. Each time I get brave and try something new I tend to almost bring tears to my eyes as I clench my teeth and hope the pain quickly subsides.

On the bright side.... my shoes will last longer :) But with the current miles on my latest pair I do need to start thinking about what will be next.

Until next time, keep running!

Tim Wilson -


  1. Hang in there Tim. I can answer your question- Yes! You are still a runner. Just so happened that you got injured and are on the side line for a bit. Look at this as time to refuel your brain and let your body rest a little and then move back in to training. Different people react differently, but I think you may be surprised at how fast you rebaound on your mileage.
    Are you doing any cross training- riding a stationary bike? walking? anything to keep you sweating and keep you moving?

  2. You are definitely still a runner.

    Hopefully you will be able to restart training soon.

  3. My vote would be NO! ...... Just kidding... HECK YEA YOU ARE STILL A RUNNER!

  4. Hang in there, you will be running soon. Good for you for walking your next event. A true runner.

  5. ATTA BOY. Keep up the great attitude. If you are still boring friends and fam with stories you are definitely still into it!