Hot and Humid

This mornings run was hot and humid. Even though the temp started out at only 76 degrees, the sun was really hot. I had plans to put in 12 miles this morning, but had some friends over last night and stayed up too late to get up when I needed to if I was going to get the 12 miles in.

I got out and hit the road at 8:30, but needed to be home by 9:30 because of the first day of All-Star T-Ball practice. I figured all I could get in was a 10k so I would run it a bit faster to work on maintaining a faster pace since I couldn't do my long easy paced run. I miss-judged how hot it was out because the temperature was under 80 degrees. As I was hitting the first mile I started to realize how hot it was and how hot the sun was.

I was doing good, but the heat was noticeably taking it's toll on my energy. After mile 5, it would have been very good to have a running partner to keep me going, but because I was running on my own, I gave in and started to walk. This was at the base of the biggest hill on my course, and that had an impact on my choice to stop and walk.

The rest of the day wasn't any better, it was just an out right scorcher.... and we spent most of the day outside. I was pleased with my run today, even though I cut it short. At just over 5 miles, with a pace of 8:12 it was one of my better training runs, especially considering the heat. Run stats.

Tim Wilson


  1. Way to go! Fast even in a hot and humid situation.

  2. The heat did me in today, too. Keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah.. that's fast. Especially considering the conditions.

  4. Hey, cool, nice to know there is someone else doing what I'm doing. You're much further along in the process so it's good motivation for me. Keep up the good work!

  5. I keep hearing it's been brutally hot and humid down there. Hope it doesn't persist the whole summer for ya. Good job on your run.