Finally Did It

Yea, I know what you are thinking...... it is about time!

I finally signed up for my Half Marathon next Saturday, the Run the Reagan Funny thing, I felt it necessary to sign up for the half-marathon coaching program - 1 week before race day - you think they can help me? :)

No, I didn't put it off because I wasn't planning on doing it, I put it off because I just was unsure about injury or something along that lines. I wasn't concerned about not being fit enough, because I always knew I would make it.

Last July I pulled a muscle that put me out for almost 3 months. Since I am really still trying to build my base I have felt small issues all along the way, and have been concerned about injuring myself again. I just didn't want to fork over the money (yes, I am tight) and then find that something was going to happen that would put me out of commission.

I was going to sign up after my last long run on Saturday, but then I started feeling this cold come on, and I had seen what it did to my son and then my wife...... so I got nervous. Well, I have taken the last 3 days off and slept a little later to try and give my body everything it needed to fight this cold in hopes that I could squeak by it instead of letting it settle in for a unwanted visit. I think that has paid off, because each day now I am feeling better.

I will be going for a run tomorrow (yea, I hate it when my schedule gets screwed up!!) and will see how that goes. I may just go for 3, but maybe up to 6 depending on how I feel.

Wish me luck!! and continue to pray for my body to completely heal! Thanks!