The signs have shown up

Yes, that was the sign I was waiting for! They finally put it up today. This is the sign they put up at all the on-ramps to the Ronald Reagan Parkway a few days before they close it for the Run The Reagan.

I have watched this sign go up in years past, and just got aggravated because I was going to have to take alternate routes on that Saturday. I could never believe they would close this major road just so some runners, walkers, and bikers could use it for the day. What an inconvenience to the rest of us! Now, I am on the other side, one of those that will be using it so they have to close it!

Just another sign (literally) that the race is nearing. Man, even though I am stressed (just put in a 12 hour day) and worried about my ankle, I am absolutely pumped about this Saturday! It can't get here soon enough! I just hope it doesn't take me till 7:00 pm to finish the race.... considering it starts at 8:00 am :)