The Disappointing Mile

Yes, the disappointing mile. I went out for my scheduled 4 miles this morning and it didn't take but 1/4 mile before I knew something was wrong. My right ankle was hurting for some reason. It wasn't hurting at every stride, but something was wrong. It subsided, but then kept coming back. At the one mile mark I decided that I could go on, but I may end up hurting my ankle so I turned and decided I would run the mile back, and just call it a day. That lasted only another minute when I said to myself - What am I trying to prove? and walked the rest of the mile back home.

I don't know where this comes from, but I have had my ankle do this before, just not since I started running almost a year ago. It seems like I slept on it weird or something, because I have had this happen before a couple years ago, and by the next day all is fine. I am not overly concerned, but I am concerned a little bit. The only thing that hurts right now is my ego, and self confidence, but tomorrow is a new day and a new run.