What kind of split is that?

Either I went out too slow or I finished to fast..... or I just had a great 4 mile run!

Whatever the case I loved it and I think it went really well. This comes after taking three days off because of an aching knee. Still not sure what was going on with my knee. I don't think it was running related, but I didn't want to irritate it by running my long run on Saturday.

I started this mornings run with a first mile at a 9:38 pace, and finished with a 4th mile at a 7:46 pace.... almost 2 minutes difference in between! I try to start my first mile at an easy pace as my warm-up, and try to speed it up a little at a time throughout the race to get negative splits. I guess this morning I was feeling a bit more energetic.

My race log with the other splits.