Summer is on the way!

You can tell summer is on the way when you look like this following a 5:00 AM 6 mile run.

Link to stats of this mornings good 6.4 mile run. 68 degrees, windy, and humid.


  1. I was out there, too! Man was it manky. I felt sticky after the first half mile. Thank goodness for the (albeit quite warm) wind!:)

    Good run, Tim!! Good to see someone else is up at that nutty hour:)

  2. Great stuff. It's going the other way for us!

  3. mar - thanks for stopping by - yea, it was was getting dark here earlier, but now it is sunny. I hear we are going to get slammed tonight which means you will get it sometime over night as well huh?

    I like running that early :)

    Andrew - I guess that is how it goes over there in NZ huh? But, when we are freezing you are suntanning. So you have a hot Christmas each year huh?

    So, how do you like how I color coordinated with my blog background? :)

  4. Great blog! I am running a marathon this weekend and I hope the heat holds off!

  5. Hey, my half PR is 1:55
    Have to look up the seconds LOL

  6. Dude! You're lookin' skinny! Well done in the heat. I'm looking forward to the day of running in the summer... though not dreadful heat and humidity.