Shorter than normal

I have had a shorter mileage week than normal. The extra work hours over the last couple weeks once again caught up with me and I just couldn't drag myself out of bed in the middle of the night to go running.

I only put a couple 4 milers in during the week, but with excellent negative splits. Run 1 Run 2.

I did however put in a 10 miler today which I was really pleased with overall. My pace was 9:09 which is just a small bit slower than my half marathon pace.

I am looking forward to getting back at it this coming week.


  1. I think that sometimes your body says "Let me rest a bit" before your next improvement. It's great that you "listened" to it and backed off a bit this week. I expect next week will be even stronger because of the rest.

  2. Strong finish on your 10 miler Tim. Nice!

  3. Good job and great progress!