So.... I didn't win

Yes, I know I was confident that I would win the bike of my dreams. I blogged about it a few days ago here, and I was absolutely sure that I would win that bike. The odds were great in this contest as they were over here as well where I also entered the same contest. They announced the winner of that one yesterday..... again not me :(

So, I have resigned to the fact that I will have to buy my own bike. As mentioned before I don't have the funds to buy that bike right now. Too many things in life are taking precedence right now. So, I had to come up with some creative ways to come up with the money I need. So.... without further delay - here it is. You can help me! :)

OK, so I am not going to come right out and ask you to donate to my bike fund, I just don't think it would be proper to ask for money like that..... especially since it is only money for my bike that only I would be riding and finding some way to pay for.

Some of you may have noticed (look over there >>) that I had added some Google Ads (look over there >>) to my blog to see if there was any truth to those that make millions with Google Adsense. I have not been able to buy that bike yet, but the new beach house is nice...... I wish :) Well, if you would like to help with my bike fund I am sure my sponsors would love to help you find what you didn't know you were looking for. To fulfill your wildest dreams all you have to do is just click now! (look over there >>)

The other way that you can help is through social bookmarking. You will see at the bottom of this post a little button that says "Bookmark" (OK - not sure why it didn't work for this post - you can use the one on the right instead) just use that button to add to Furl,, Stumble, Digg, or just about any other social bookmarking tool.... and why not..... it is your favorite running blog isn't it?

Oh, and if you have a dollar or two just sitting in that paypal account and it is just absolutely driving you crazy, let me try to help. There is this new tool that will help you clean out those pesky stragglers to help keep that paypal account clean and ready for your next purchase. To run that tool just click here.

****End of shameless begging for money****


  1. Hey, you don't get if you don't ask....

    Good luck on getting the bike! Let me now if it works, I need a bike too!!

    good job on your race Tim, I'm just catching up with all you've been up to!!

  2. That is what I thought. I really don't expect anyone to donate, but if I didn't give them the opportunity then I would be making their decision for them :)

    However, I do hope that I can get some kind of return from the Adsense. I have a few other tech sites that have Adsense as well so I hope within about 6 years I can buy a Walmart bike. :)

    Thanks for the congrats!

  3. I've turned off my ad blocker just for you!

  4. Thanks Andrew - you can turn it back on now :) I don't make enough to make it worth it for you to have to deal with ads. :)

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