10 Mile Humidity Test

Lawrenceville, GA - As the sun came up over the horizon, Tim Wilson was still sound asleep, resting comfortably in the air conditioning after a good nights rest. He knew the rest wouldn't last long as he started to stir around 7:20 realizing his long run was beckoning. He knew what the weatherman had said just a short 9 hours later. OK, he didn't remember everything he said, but he did remember the words humidity and high being used in the same sentence.

OK, enough of the third party writing. It sounded like a cool idea, but just isn't as easy and doesn't flow as well.

It was really humid this morning. I knew about it the night before, but knew I still needed to get my long run in. I took off this morning at about 7:45 with the humidity proudly sitting at 96%. I am just glad the temperatures were not too high at 64 degrees. I was starting to drip before I rounded the corner at the 1/4 mile mark. By the time the run was done the temp had raised to 74 degrees but the humidity had dropped to 84%.

I started the run this morning with the music off. I wanted to just enjoy the ambiance around me this morning. I turned on the radio after a couple miles when I hit the busier road to drown out the cars.

As I was running my 3rd mile I had a rare occasion to see a deer bounce across the road in front of me. Since the area I live in is so loaded with subdivisions we don't have a lot of deer. We do occasionally see deer in our back yard and in our woods behind our house but these woods too are locked in by homes. It was just a really cool addition to the morning. The funny thing is when I turned around and headed back I saw another (or maybe the same one) cross the road in the same place - going the same way... very cool.

My run went really good with a average pace of 8:50 which is just 5 seconds slower than my Half Marathon Race Pace back in February. Looking forward to start building the miles back up now that work is starting to show some relief.

Humidity test results: Pass

Running Log Link to show my splits


  1. Ugh. Humidity hasn't caught up with us yet in the Midwest - but it is coming soon.

    Not looking forward to that part of summer.

    Great job on your run!


  2. Great blog Tim!
    I myself am training for my first marathon and have been blogging about my journey. My race is this Sunday! Best of luck on your training adventures!

    Check out my blog, "Adventures of a first time marathoner" at www.tara26point2.wordpress.com.

    Run long, run strong!

  3. Thanks all for stopping by. Good luck this weekend Tara!

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  6. All -

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  8. Thanks all for stopping by. Good luck this weekend Tara!