The Morning After

Well, after yesterdays Disappointing Mile, I was a bit anxious and timid with this mornings run. My ankle was a little tight this morning, but was fine all afternoon and evening so I figured it was just tight from running on it yesterday when something wasn't right. I stretched and stretched, and then stretched one more time to see how everything was feeling. If it didn't feel great I was not going to run.

Everything was feeling great so I headed out the door and walked to the starting block (OK, the corner) Once the light turned from red to green (OK, I got my little flashing red light turned on) and official clock had been started (OK, just my cheap watch) I was off.

I paid really close attention as I ran and everything seemed good. I ran the first 3 miles pain free, and then for about 3 steps my right ankle was a little weak. I was very pleased to see it pass as quickly as it came. The rest of the run went really good. I got home and stretched, and stretched, and then stretched some more.

I am sure my ankle is a little weak because of running the mile on it yesterday when it was hurting, but this mornings run was very encouraging.