Runner is still living his dream

This is a very cool story of a 37 year old man who is still living his dream. Paul says:
"I'm still 11 years old for all intents and purposes," Stoneham said. "I'm just able to drive now. That's about the only difference."
Paul Stoneham was a running legend in Waco, TX when he was 11 years old and went on to do some pretty amazing things throughout school and into college. He is 37 years old, 135 lbs with 3% body fat, and runs 110 -120 miles a week.

Paul goes through a pair of running shoes every three weeks in his training. He is trying to qualify for the Olympics in the 10k, a childhood dream. He lives on an estimated $40/day and without the sponsorship from Kolar Advertising he would not be able to chase after his dream.

A real everyday person going after his dream. The things I find so amazing is how he is 37 years old (close to my age), and still able to compete at this level. He had to take 6 years off because of injuries (I complained about 3 months). As I read his story over here: it really gave me hope that I can do what I want to do if I just set my mind to it.

My dream isn't anywhere as ambitious as his, but I still need to focus on my goal. Reading his story I am inspired and know I can attain my goal to run that marathon.

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